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In this part of the Fire Sermon, Tiresias is the narrator. He was an ancient Greek prophet who got punished by Hera for separated two snakes copulating. He was turned into a woman for seven years. Can’t escape earthy things, like to die but cannot. During that time, he was the most well known prostitute. And in the voice of Tiresias, who is blind but he not really blind. And he saw a lot of through his blindness. 

So for Eliot, sex is an “earthy” thing, and lust is the sin that every human covered with. And when they die, they will be in the second layer of hell where Cleopatra and Helen of Troy- the women of lust is. Those women caused war and death to other people by their beauty and sexual desire. Helen of Troy caused a war between Sparta and Troy that killed thousands of men. 

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