The Fisher King


          The author continues to destroy the image of water by viewing the canal as dull. This image contrasts with the “Sweet Thames” image from Prothalamion. The water now is just uninteresting and deadly like the description from line 177 and line 178.

In this line, Eliot also made a reference to the Fisher King. Fishing in the lakes and streams close to his castle is the only activity that give the King peace. In Arthurian Legend, the Fisher King is in charge of keeping the Holy Grail. However, he is injured and unable to move on his own. When he is wounded, his kingdom also suffers with him. The Kingdom, was once a fertile land, is now turns into a Wasteland. The Kingdom is very similar to Europe. Before the king wounded – before the wars begin, Europe was once a powerful and wealthy continents. However, after the war, Europe was nothing but a wasteland. 

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